Empowering local communities towards sustainable development

About Mikoko Volunteers Program

Mikoko Volunteer Program is the nature based program where people are experiencing outdoor, camping and adventure through Participation to Local Communty Activities that brings organized resources at local community for the development purpose, as the community philanthropic program we give chance to corporate volunteer their time and support local communities projects by donation, plan a visit to support the activity example: participate in planting mangroves.

For the year 2020-2025 Mikoko Development Foundation through Mikoko Volunteers Program will continue to raise community voice towards connecting local social impact with all key stake holders to continue impacting Tanzania through implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at local communities.

Mikoko Volunteers is a Community Philanthopy Program that aims to connect efforts made by our local communities and government with clear connection with most potential people to make sure posible solution made by complement contribution by donors and a target community.

The Program will continue expanding its efforts towards developing its local leadership and capacity towards carry local problems into a simplified challenges that community will remain as key players towards solving their own problems.

Mikoko Development Foundation is invitng Companies, NGOs', Foundations, Trustees, Embassies, Individuals, Governments, Experts, Public Figures to continue collaborating with Mikoko Volunteer Program in serving the interest of our local communities.

Our Strong network accross the country will keep assisting pushing forward the interest of our local communities and connect them with specific key stakeholders with support towars finding possible solutions on existing problems and challenges.

All funds or contributions shall be made to:

  • Bank Name: CRDB Bank PLC
  • Account Name: Mikoko Development Foundation
  • Account Number: 015C509149200
  • Branch: UDSM Branch
  • Swift Code: CORUTZTZ
And all collected funds will be channeled to the respective project or cause.

In order to keep project or cause well managed and monitored Mikoko Volunteers Program will charge 9% to 18% as project or cause overhead depends on the size of the total budget and the scale of the project covarage.

The Community Philanthropy Program for Creativity, Outdoor, Theater, Games, Camping, Adventure, STEAM, Culture, Design, Development, Support and Networking