Corporate Program

Mikoko Corporate Program

Service Beyond the Good.

This is the best program that connects employees handson activities with a specific targeted community that help to complement with the basic efforts that have been done through out.

Mikoko Development Foundation have been a good example towards helping community around mangrove forest understand about the importance of conservation and how to go through sustainable development goals. To achieve this volunteers have been a strongest part to make it happen.

What About Corporate Volunteer Program

Mikoko is Swahili word means “Mangrove”. Mikoko Development Foundation is the entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, nature and environmental conservation scout group. Mikoko Development Foundation is giving chances to our community to learn new culture and ideas between our think tank to bring about sustainable development.

Target of Corporate Volunteer Program

Connecting human communities development strategy through Mobilization for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPA) the methodology used by Mikoko Development Foundation after mapping community development including the resouces and ability of the community to implement certain project in relation to thier interest. This program aims at serving community plans that have been decided by the local communities themselves through official meetings.

Corporate Volunteers

    What is the program all about?
  • Mikoko Corporate Volunteers aims to connect donors or sponsors with local community development mapping strategy that connected to community philanthropy initiatives: The initiatives made by local communities then donors and sponsors are just adding value to what the local community have organized
  • Example: Community A has organized human resource to budild a school but they lack enough funds to buy 50 packs of cements, and other few resources what will be done is donor to purchase 50 packs of cements to and handle over to the community to complete the project of school
  • The program also provide basic access to Tourism site especially local tourism sites registered by Tanzania Tourist Board under program of Cultural Tourism Enterprise.
    Local Authorities
  • Regional Commissioners' Office
  • District Commissioners' Office
  • Street/ Village Goverment Office
  • Central Goverment
  • Vice Presidents' Office Union Matters & Environment
  • Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children
  • Presidents' Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment
  • Source of Funds
  • Partners
  • Donors
  • Sponsors
  • Other Legal Sources of Funds
    We invite
  • Companies & Corporates
  • Foundation
  • Embassies
  • Goverment Agencies
  • Group of Volunteers
  • Trustees
  • Donors & Sponsors
    We serve for the purpose of the community
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Youth Programs
  • Girls & Women Programs
    Write Email to us and we will respond to your very immediately towards Sustainable Green Tanzania Click Here to Email Us
    Bank Information
  • Bank Name: CRDB Bank PLC
  • Account Name: Mikoko Development Foundation
  • Account Number: 015C509149200
  • Branch: UDSM Branch
  • Swift Code: CORUTZTZ
And all collected funds will be channeled to the respective project or cause.

In order to keep project or cause well managed and monitored Mikoko Volunteers Program will charge 9% to 18% as project or cause overhead depends on the size of the total budget and the scale of the project covarage.

The Community Philanthropy Program for Creativity, Outdoor, Theater, Games, Camping, Adventure, STEAM, Culture, Design, Development, Support and Networking