Exchange Program

Mikoko Exchange Program

The program had been a very simple and energetic short term trip that inspires our youth towards career and global citizenship.

In more than years now Mikoko have been tool towards acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of local environmental problems to help our community attain positive plans consist of solutions and solve the existing problem.

Mikoko Development Foundation have been a good example towards helping community around mangrove forest understand about the importance of conservation and how to go through sustainable development goals. To achieve this, volunteers have been a strongest part to make it happen.

What About Exchange Program

Mikoko is Swahili word means “Mangrove”. Mikoko Development Foundation is the entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, nature and environmental conservation scout group. Mikoko Development Foundation is giving chances to our community to learn new culture and ideas between our think tank to brought about sustainable development.

Target of Mikoko Exchange Program

The general purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program is to promote international educational and cultural exchange to develop mutual understanding between the people of the United Republic of Tanzania and other countries.

About Mikoko Exchange Program

    Introduction Mikoko Exchange Program is the best and unique program that connect High School, Secondary or University Students from International communities with Tanzania students this is to provide unique opportunities to our youth becoming key partners of their communities towards contributing to problem solving techniques.

    At the moment the program is open for any international school to collaborate with Tanzanian schools through planning a visit and gather night and noon activities all of our youth must follow basic program rules that safeguard their life and guide them through out the entire program period.

  • Is Exchange Program a Volunteer based activities?
  • It is too simple to answer this question, Exchange program can give chance to participants or group of individuals who are visiting each other to join local community activities or offer certain service to gain better and useful tool towards supporting local communities and join global target of "Think Globally and Act Locally' We are encouraging our program participants to join global foces towards becoming much stronger in global citizenship that makes everyone equal with clear understanding regardless of color ethinicity or any other facts rather than we are all human created by our God.

  • Who suppose to lead the Team?
  • It is too important to know group leader before even planning a trip with us, It is too clear that we would like to know the nature of the group if it is university or high school or scondary school. If it is the educational institution it is the best to make sure team leader is the professor or lecturer who know better about participants and can help to guide the group towards entire program.

  • How to organize the program?
  • It is too simple just contact us then we can start organize the exchange program between your team and our team. It is too important to keep updated with our organization policies and procedures towards preparing the best learning and interactive exchange program for the benefit of your group.

  • What is the age of participants?
  • Age of participants depends on the group you presented. Mostly Mikoko Exchange Program accepts age between 14 to 26.

    Program Offeres basic activities such as
  • Public Speaking, Group Discussion, Welcoming Ceremony, Night Culture, Team Showcase, Science Pack, Team Work, Nature Games, Community Services, Visit Zanzibar Island, Visit Tanzania National Parks, Visit Local Tourism Sites, Arts, Crafts & Theater
  • Other more activities can be organized based on the interest of participants and institution through the program

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