Dar es Salaam Regional Nature & Environmental Youth Camp 2020

Nature & Environmental Youth Camp had been a very simple and energetic camp that inspires our youth towards conservation of nature through awards wining.

In more than years now Mikoko have been a key tool towards acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of local environmental problems to help our community attain positive plans consist of solutions and solve the existing problem.

It mainly inspire, build, expose and connect youth and community to nature to fully understand about conservation concepts. The entire program had been organized to bring up community of conservationist to the local environment that starts at home and streets only if we understand is when we can create a sustainable community towards serving our nature.

Mikoko Development Foundation have been a good example towards helping community around marine and terestrial ecosystem understand about the importance of conservation and how to go through sustainable development goals. To achieve this volunteers have been a strongest part to make it happen.

We are operating the entire program under Child Protection Policy and we keep all participant safe from harm as we can as we believe it is our duty to create a green habitable Tanzania.

About NEYC 2020

Mikoko is Swahili word means “Mangrove”. Mikoko Development Foundation is the registred entrepreneurship, agriculture, health, education, eco-tourism, nature and environmental conservation NGO. The organization is the number one among of the Tanzania conservation organizations which had invested its efforts and vision in the conservation of mangrove sites in Tanzania through Community Centered Conservation where local people and authorities have been the key players in the conservation of natural resources around their places. This is an exciting Nature and Environmental Camp available to youth and kids. We hope attending the camp your journey will answer many questions you may have and provide you the necessary information to start yourself on a life-changing nature and environmental issues detecting cultural journey you will never forget, and add value on STEAM, entrepreneurship to our young adults who will participate the camp.

This camp will be done at the level of Regional Level of United Republic of Tanzania whereby our Regional Coodinators were the one who are organizing the camp and the final winners will be promoted to participate International Nature & Environmental Youth Camp 2021 that will be held at Ikowa Village in Dodoma Region. Which is The Capital City of United Republic of Tanzania.

Target of NEYC 2020

The Nature and Environmental Youth Camp will provide an opportunity to Tanzanian young adults to experience diversity of culture enhance their skills and experience on Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Tourism, Environmental Conservation and make International friends without the excess need of traveling abroad will be an exiting part of the program for those who will win they will attend International Nature & Environmental Youth Camp 2021, camp will provide a unique experience to Tanzania local youth to learn, understand, experience and immense into a global citizenship through making difference by participating into local community services.

Series of STEAM, Ecotourism, Environmental, Bee Keeping, Agriculture, Fishing programs and adventure will be provided to youth at the camp that will give youth chance of achievement in creating team work, stability, problem solving, application of simple scientific research and use of digital marketing skills will be an important part during the camp. Without forget ICT and Radio Communication, participants shall be given time to create and innovate new things from their experience and thinking that will make their life dreams come true through becoming self-employed after the camp.

The registered groups at Mikoko Development Foundation (MDF) Database they will be given funding priority at for the aim of empowering youth groups in conservation of Environment at their localities including employ themselves in Agriculture, Bee Keeping, Aqua Farming, Cultural Tourism Enterprise (CTE) and Ocean Sports.

Participants will be given time to learn web design and management (Coding) such as creating and desing new websites and applications by using html, css and Java Script that will help them during their time in self employment activities and reach many clients as they can through digital marketing.


    Nature & Environment Youth Camp Activities

    The Nature & Environment Youth camp will be held from 29th December, 2020 - 1st January, 2021.

    The program will include the following:
  • Culture Night & Nature camp experience.
  • STEAM Education.
  • Three or four service projects during camp.
  • Tour to Nature Reserve.
  • Creativity & Innovation Games and Programs.
  • Tanzania Ecotourism logistics and operations experience.
  • Digital Marketing & Web Management Skills.
  • An exposure to International Nature & Environmental Youth Camp on early June, 2021.
  • Team Work & Cooperation.
  • Tree Planting & Seedling Activities.
  • Agriculture, Tourism, Bee Keeping and Ecotourism business opportunities classes.
  • Nature & Environmental Training Courses.
  • Entrepreneurship classes.
  • Award winning and Badge Achievements
  • Bird Watching
  • Additional Activities for Dar, Tanga and Pwani
  • Snorkeling & Swimming
  • Beach Soccer
    Nature & Environment Youth Camp

  • Meals: will be comprised of mainly African (Culture based/local foods).
  • Accommodations: Participants will stay at the nature campsites, separated by sex and age.
  • All Participants: Must serve for the entire duration of the program except for health complications or other unexpected conditions.
  • Awards, Badges & Certificates:Mikoko Development Foundation will issue a certificate printed to those who have finished the whole program with the logo of sponsors. badges and awards will be provided to the winners.
    We expect at the end of the Camp to achieve

  • A follow up plan will be presented that will allow to evaluate participants of the impact they have been able to work at their local groups and how many other peer youth groups have been reached.
  • Youth will learn about nature and environmental issues that will empower them to become core part of Climate Action.
  • Participants will learn about Coding and be able to design simple websites and contribute to their local communities regarding technology and digital marketing.
  • About 100 new projects will be developed at local groups countrywide after the training.
  • About 500 participants from different backgrounds will meet and share their differences at the same table and resolve them with passion and knowledge on climate action and entrepreneurship at their regions.
  • Participants will understand how to build electronic kits and become comptent in simple scientific research.
  • Participants will be able to design project at their localities and help to solve existing challenges.
  • Participants will be able to design websites, create digital contents, open their own web hosting and management firms
  • Participants will be able to form and register Cultural Tourism Enterprise at their localities.
  • New 100+ youth production based groups will be formed and given VICOBA instructions for their development purposes.
  • Participants will be able to conduct simple Agriculture, Cultural Tourism Enterprise (CTE) and Environmental Conservation Projects at their localities also supporting their friends.
  • Winners will be provided with 500,000/= Tsh for both women and men teams.
    How to Apply for 2020 Camp?

  • Application Period is from November 10 to December 17th, 2020 at 22:00 hrs GMT. Applications must be received by Mikoko Development Foundation Regional offices on or before December 17th, 2020 at 22:00 hrs GMT. Please submit the application package through email or Call +255 (0) 734 081 696. Please submit the completed application form to the Regional Mikoko Development Foundation - Regional Office Office by December 27th, 2020 at 22:00 hrs GMT.
  • Note that the program application is full free of charge (No Application Fees)
  • Download Mikoko Camping Forms & Guidelines
  • Download Mikoko Camp Guidelines (Available for paid participants)
  • Download Mikoko Development Foundation - Event Refund Policy
  • Download
  • Camp => Mikoko Safe From Harm Procedures, Child Protection Policy & Camp Environemnt, Health & Safety Procedures, Camp Parents' Consent will be sent to your email for those who will be selected for the camp

  • Download Aplication Form Here (English Version)
  • Download Aplication Form Here (Toleo la Kiswahili)
  • Apply Online (English)
  • Maombi njia ya Mtandao (Kiswahili)

  • 18+ years old.
  • Good ustanding.
  • Good writing and speaking skills.
  • Good interest and standing in environment, health & Safety.
  • An Interest in learning Entrepreneurship and become self-employed.
  • An Interest in Agriculture, Ecotourism, Environmental Conservation and Bee Keeping.
  • Good record in community projects.
  • Accept Child Protection Policy and Safe From Harm Procedures.
  • Highly interested in Sceince, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM).
  • Willingness to serve and help others when required.
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication skills.
  • Committed towards Camp rules & regulations.
  • Good coordinator and scheduled planner are required for group leaders.

    For the entire duration of the program, Each Participant will pay 65,000/= Tsh for the meals, accommodations, planned activities and group transportation to the local tourism sites.

    Camp fee does not cover the following expenses:

  • Round-trip bus fare from home region to the Campsite Area.
  • Extra personal expenses except after arrival to Camp and when leave the Camp.

    Time line

    The following is the projected timeline with estimated starting dates:
  • Application Starts November 10th, 2020.
  • Application due December 17th, 2020 at 22:00 hrs GMT
  • Camp begins December 29th, 2020.
  • Leave for the home January 1st, 2021.
  • For the winners will have to attend National Nature & Environmental Youth Camp 2021 that will be held in Dodoma at Ikowa Village in early June, 2021.


    On Early December, 2020 Mikoko Development Foundation will be starting its biggest conservation, entrepreneurship, capacity building and tourism program at its Regional Host Camps. We are inviting local and international businesses to be a part of this strategy and initiatives which will benefit millions of Tanzanians and international citizens to become more aware of environmental conservation and its importance to the marine ecosystem and human life, either by being a Corporate Sponsor or by being part of our “Educational Programs Sponsor”. Nature & Environmental Youth Camp will attracts thousands of youth each year estimated about 5,200 per year. Our marketing efforts will expose thousands more to your company. At the opening ceremony we expect Regional Commissioners to be the Guest of Honor and at the opening ceremony and Regional Administrative Secretary to be the Guest of Honor at Nature & Environmental Youth Camp closing ceremony. We expect to gather Total of 1,600 participants this December, 2020 to January 2021 in 16 Regions and camp will serve about 108 Districts and this will be one of the most valuable nature and environmental youth camp in Tanzania conservation history.

  • Sponsorship Benefits
    • Named as official Title Sponsor on all promotional materials.
    • Recognition on exclusive Title Sponsor banner.
    • Entire table at the Nature & Environmental Youth Camp.
    • Opportunity to display corporate materials at Faire.
    • Four Nature & Environmental Youth Camp T-shirts.
    • Recognition in all newspaper promotional ads.
    • Recognition on Mikoko Development Foundation Web Site and social media.
    • Special recognition on postcards distributed to thousands of individuals in the Mikoko Development Foundation offices and friends with their families.
    • Introduced and recognized at the Mikoko Events with five minutes to introduce the company products to the audience.
    • Name badge of the company name and presents to the winners.
    • Name of the company at the Nature & Environmental Youth Camp entrance gate at the camp sponsor place.

Mikoko Development Foundation Bank Details

  • Bank Name: CRDB Bank PLC
  • Account Name: Mikoko Development Foundation
  • Account Number: 015C509149200
  • Branch: UDSM Branch
  • Swift Code: CORUTZTZ

Dar es Salaam Nature & Environmental Youth Camp 2020

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